This site was built by a tutorial class in the History major Capstone subject 'Making History'. The brief for the assessment task was for each tutorial to create a group Omeka exhibition on thier research project. Each student was required to upload three documents or images to the tutorial’s Omeka.net exhibition, providing the metadata and some contextual/explanatory text for them. Students needed to provide full metadata for each archival document they uploaded, including – series, box, folder, etc. and some information about the context – by whom was this document created, for what purpose, why it was preserved in an archive, and so on. The Omeka exhibition was designed to be a public presentation of the research work commissioned. Students were asked to build a scholarly, but also  engaging and publicly accessible and comprehensible site. One person in each group was responsible for the public areas of the Omeka exhibition, writing the text and providing images that will introduce and make sense of the documents uploaded by the rest of the class. For the Interwar Internationalism Omeka site, this student was Hannah Hayward

The metadata supplied and site and essay referencing is student work and has been added to the site as submitted for assessment. All students whose work is uploaded have given permission for thier essays to be included. The archival materials contained in this site have been sourced from the University of Melbourne Archives, Trove, and the State Library of Victoria and permission to publish has been obtained where required. Please see the 'copyright' tab for copyright details of the archival material contained in this site.